TEC Needs

Click here for a graph of TEC domestic membership from 1960 through 2015, the most recent full year for which the data are available.  The peak membership (in 1967) is about 330 thousand and the 2015 membership is about 155 thousand, a drop of 53 percent.  Except for some members who left in the early 1970s because of the controversy about the Church’s attitude concerning homosexuality, the decline is principally because of members dying off (or drifting away) and not being replaced.

When one considers that the US population has grown substantially over the same period, it is clear that TEC’s “market share” has dropped precipitously.

When this numeric decline was reported to TEC’s Executive Council while I was a member (2003-2009), the Council showed no interest in dealing with this decline.  The evangelism staff member and I discussed this and we concluded that the lack of response was because Council members had no idea what to do to reverse the decline.

I now feel that the most appropriate response is:

·         to set up a task group to determine the root causes of the decline, and

·         develop the best approaches for putting TEC on a growth path again.