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This site is the start of my rebuilding my personal websites which were destroyed when AOL stopped supporting personal websites about three years ago (today being April 21, 2012).

Many of the subdirectories of this site are related to The Episcopal Church (TEC).￿ I am a lifetime Episcopalian and have served on the CT Diocesan Executive Council and six years on the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church.￿ Each of these councils is the legal Board of Directors for their respective organizational bodies.￿ I am also Senior Deputy to TEC￿s General Convention; the July 3 ￿ 12, 2012 Convention will be the 11th in which I have represented CT as a Deputy (i.e., an elected representative) (1991-2012) or an Alternate Deputy (1982-1988).

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I am providing a lot of church-related info as sources of free, easy-access information for congregations, so that anyone interested can first see the information that I offer, and then second, print it out and/or download it immediately, all at no charge.￿ This avoids the need for the information-seeker to obtain a catalog, and then order and pay for something they haven't really seen.

Another link is to the web site of the company which a friend and I founded in 1993, Allied Resources Corporation. We have done work in 31 states and 29 countries, including all continents except Australia and Antarctica. Allied provides contract services in machine safeguarding, safety assessment, and safety training. Allied is in East Hartford, CT.￿ Before a church friend and I started Allied, I was CEO for 16 years of an engineering company which grew from 56 to over 1500 employees under my leadership.

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